Sample critique offer

We understand that spending money on critical feedback to improve your fiction can feel like a big commitment, and one that you can only afford occasionally! We also recognise that sending work off for critique to someone you may not have met, or whose critical feedback you have never seen, is a bit of a leap in the dark.

So, we are offering sample critiques to writers who are considering submitting a full novel or short story collection, to demonstrate the kind of feedback you will receive, so you can be sure it’s the right fit before you commit.

The charge for the sample critique is low, so you won’t lose out either way.

If you do decide to submit further work, the fee for the sample critique will be refundable against your total fee.

Sample critique on a 2,000 word extract, prior to deciding on submitting a full manuscript, is £35. Please contact us at info@londonlitlab if you would like to take up this offer.

There is further information on our critique services, and areas of specialism, here.