Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from writers on our courses in 2016 and 2017:

Write & edit a story course:

‘Zoe and Lily are very encouraging – the structure of course is excellent.’

‘The feedback and the edit process were fascinating and totally useful. Reading your draft pieces and thinking about how to edit via your work first was great.’

‘It was great to force myself, distraction free, to write for a whole day. I learnt some really useful tips for editing and it was good to be able to apply them straight away.’

‘Really positive and welcoming. Felt very supported and loved the exchange of ideas.’

‘The editing part was so informative.’

‘Really good to get two perspectives from people who know their stuff!’

‘Safe hands, lots of experience, good to have both a fiction and non-fiction writer.’

‘Got a lot of work done in a lovely setting.’

‘Nurturing, supportive, productive.’

‘Does more than what it says on the tin!’

Folk tales in new fiction course:

‘Really positive – you created a lovely warm, welcoming atmosphere, full of knowledge but also really open to discussion and the ideas being shared by other people.’

‘Learnt more today than in a whole MA module.’

‘It was a really nice balance of theory and practice, talking and writing.’

‘Zoe is a clever and passionate tutor but also caring and considerate.’

‘The space is phenomenal.’

‘Lots of one to one attention even in a group of twelve.’

‘Inspiring, supportive, enjoyable.’

‘Really enjoyed the day and the organisation/pre-reading was excellent.’

‘I found Zoe to be very reactive to the ideas presented in the room, which organically took us down the chains of enquiry we were interested in.’

‘Lots and lots of food for thought!’

Beginners’ courses:

‘Very clear, very instructive and informative. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities.’

‘All the information is delivered in a friendly and easy to understand manner. Open discussion is really useful – hearing other people’s points of view.’

‘Friendly and inclusive. Very informed tutors who participate rather than simply teaching.’

‘Fun, invigorating, inspiring.’

‘I found the variety of exercises really interesting, stimulating and reassuring, especially accompanied by the phrase, don’t be afraid of bad writing!’

‘Very friendly and nice to have two teachers.’

‘Thank you for creating a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere, that allowed us to feel safe to experiment.’

‘It’s almost entirely practical and confidence-building.’

‘Very professional. The facilitators have a depth of knowledge.’

‘Stimulating, thought-provoking and informative.’

Continuing to Write:

‘Well-managed, flexible, and insightful. Both tutors have created a ‘safe space’ in no time at all.’

‘Both Lily and Zoe push towards an exploration of creativity rather than a set of ideas of ‘how to write’. As a result I felt inspired but not limited, encouraged not flattened.’

‘There was a wide range of examples I hadn’t come across before, and an emphasis on technique.’

‘Very positive, having two points of view a definite benefit, and reminder that so much is subjective, no one authority or solution!’

‘Very open, encouraging, positive, relaxed.’

‘The agent visit was refreshing and honest and well interviewed. Overall the course has given me new insight into my work.’

‘It was really wonderful being taught by both Zoe and Lily. It was a rare and valuable experience having two experts teaching such an intimate group.’


Thanks to everyone who has attended a London Lit Lab course so far!